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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wealthy affiliate scam or additional Revenue? If you don't make full time living through Internet, Start your own full time money making business here


Wealthy affiliate scam or additional Revenue? If you don't make full time living through Internet, Start your own full time money making business here ...

Wealthy affiliate scam I heard this terms so many times when I surf the net
I was bit queries on this topic so I started looking for the fact.

Whether wealthy affiliate is scam or a true income source which gives a real money making opportunity for all . I looked for several factors like what is Wealthy affiliate , how does it works ? Does it really help people to make real money online ? or It's an another scam ? Here is what I found during my research work :

What Actually Wealthy Affiliate is : Wealthy affiliate is a university where people learn how to make money online,how to increase revenue , how to get free targeted traffic and learn how to make full time living through internet.

How wealthy affiliate beneficial for all ?

Here are few facts which I got and makes Wealthy affiliate University differ from all

Free Website hosting Service for all

WA gives free website hosting to all of their members, people who wants a free website hosting without any sponsor ads for them WA is the best option apart from this if you are not a programmer or web developer then again there is one benefit wealthy affiliate provides ready to use website templates which are easy to customize. So anybody can make their own website without any technical knowledge.

WA Research Center

People who are doing PPC (Pay per click ) marketing through google adwo rd o r like any other company can take advantage of WA Research Center to know how they can opti mize cam paign to generate outstanding revenue.Its really worthy and gives 1000's of dollars extra daily , weekly or monthly through your small campaigns.

Video Vault

I don't want to read things too much sometimes its really hectic to rea d for long hours and I got one solution here at Wealthy affiliate they provide video tutorial to learn things , We need not to read lot's of material . Just sit back and see videos to le arn things which can give you day to day income and you really learn how to make money online.

The Famous WA Forum

I always wish , I could have someone who can take my fingure in hands and show me the way where I really want to go,Wealthy Affiliate gives this opportunity to all of their members through WA forum. At WA forum you will have true professionals who are already in business and achieved success as well. They are not doing any R&D they know the defined path of success which they have already tested their respective business and helping others too.few people says they learned from follow members and now they know how to make full time living through internet.


Money making resource guides and tutorials are another assets which are shared by wealthy affiliates and all of their members as well. kyle and Carson are owner of this university and they are true professional in internet marketing apart fr om this members are creating tutorial and sharing with each others.

Wealthy Affiliate Jobs

Wealthy affiliate Jobs gives extra income source to earn some quick bucks. if someone need some quick bucks like 200 to 300 dollars per day then WA Jobs is best option for them. WA Jobs are available for all Wealthy affiliate members Free of cost.

The Wealthy Affiliate Action Plan

The best thing I found about Wealthy affiliate is they are not giving only theoretical knowledge they are giving step by step action plan to achieve financial goals. WA have 8 weeks action plan which help new user to start their own business and give all training and support absolute at no cost. They mentor people and help th em to achieve their online success as well.

There are so many others ways to make money online here are few which is free of cost to all Wealthy affiliate members.

I am not going to explain each and every tools here but its really helps to make real money online.Few are mention below :

Extra Income Source with affiliate programme gives you additional money making opportunity.
Free PLR Articles to get instant traffic to your website or blog
Analytics Tools to generate additional revenue for your blog or website.
Clickbank Search Tools which makes every affiliate in win win situation.
WA Space Community helps everybody to earn more money online.
Google Adwords & Yahoo Search Marketing Support helps to understand market
Keyword List unable you to get targeted free visitors for your website.

Who can take benefit from Wealthy affiliate

I think any newbies who wants to learn how to create online business, college students, housewife's,retired people, disable people, ture professional and anyone who wants to achieve financial success in life and want to create wealth could take benefit from WA university.

What makes Wealthy affiliate worthy ?

I personally feel their practical approach toward learning and desperate will to help people make them worthy and create difference.

Here are the Brief benefit to be at Wealthy Affiliate University

1. Free Website hosting which itself cost you more than $50 to $75 , Wealthy affiliate gives Website Hosting Service absolutely free of cost to each member.

2. WA Research Center which help to save your marketing cost and give you increase revenue as well.

3. Video learning resource center which gives you depth knowledge of internet business and help you to earn 1000's of dollars weekly.

4. WA Forum which gives you online help from thousands of well settle professionals who are master in their respective fields ,They have a practical approach towards online business and gives you deep understanding of online marketing to make money online without spending a dime.

5. Resource/Guides which enable us to learn new techniques to take our online business upto next level,due to these resource anyone can easily learn how to make money online or how to make full time living through internet.

6.WA Jobs are best options for those who have just started and have little shortage of money, here WA comes in role and provide live help ,WA provide online jobs free of cost which enable them to earn 200 to 300 dollars without spending a dime.Jobs are related to article writing , forum submition , blog posting etc.

7.Wealthy affiliate gives a real action plan which help everyone to achieve online success . They are not talking about theory they have some define path and they know what they are doing and getting best results as well.All this process cover in action plan design by WA university.So you will work on define path which is already tested by thousands of online marketers who has already achieved success in their respective fields.

There are so many others benefits as well which enable anybody to earn extra income and actually teach them how to make full time living through internet.

Can I do this and make my full time living through internet ? Why Not ? Here is opportunity for you

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